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Choosing The Correct Office Furniture

Office furnishings are key to creating a great first impression to not only potential employees but clients too. Office furniture should reflect your company and brand – colours, fabric, shape and style are all factors that should be considered when choosing furniture. Read on for our top tips…


Ask yourself what colours reflect your brand? Certain colours reflect different lifestyles, for example green is a natural colour which could be associated with eco-friendly and nature based brands whilst pink is considered more feminine, typically associated with beauty products. Many companies choose to match their office furniture to the company logo, which ensures a continuous theme throughout the company.




Your office layout should be tailored to the type of atmosphere you want your business to have. Consider the space you have to work with, what will maximise this space in the best possible way? Flexibility is key – having movable furniture ensures it can be changed up as office needs change over time. Other factors to consider with space are physical restrictions, accessibility and lighting.




The budget is obviously a vital factor – this figure will determine the quality and quantity of furniture you can afford.



Comfort of the employees must be considered but can often be overlooked. Ultimately having comfortable and quality furniture will boost productivity, performance and overall employee satisfaction.


At Hi-Level Design we can provide office furniture tailored to your specific requirements, call us today to discuss your needs in more detail?



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