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4 Signs That Your Office Needs A Refurbishment

When you first moved into your current offices you probably spent a great deal of time deliberating over the interior.

Choices like the colour of carpet, the style of desks and the type of lighting were probably very important to you.

Yet, in the years that have followed your attention has probably turned elsewhere and your office space may seem less important when compared with other areas of your business.

Unfortunately, dated offices can affect a company in a number of negative ways and you should address it sooner rather than later. Here are some tell tale signs that it might be time to consider a refurbishment.

It looks the same as the day you moved in
A key reason that businesses decide to have their offices refurbished is that they feel the need to give their company culture a refresh. It might be that a new director has been appointed, you are in the middle of re-launching your brand or perhaps you are approaching a company anniversary and want to use an office refurbishment as a good PR opportunity and to reward staff for their hard work.

Your employees are unhappy and uninspired
Speaking off rewarding your employees, studies show that making positive changes to the layout, lighting, placement and organisation of your workplace can have a huge impact on your employee’s level of job satisfaction and can help you attract and retain the best workers.

You are struggling to find space for everyone
A lack of space can also be a serious concern for businesses.  A work space that is small and cramped is never going to get the best work out of your employees and even worse it could actually lead to physical problems with their health. Spacious desks with plenty of room to manoeuvre allow your employees to set their workstation up in a way that helps them to reduce clutter, do their best work and maximise their daily output.

You need more privacy
As businesses grow and take on more staff there comes a point where you will need to hold confidential conversations. Open plan offices are great for productivity and on-the-fly meetings but they also restrict privacy. By creating an office partition you can hold private meetings with both employees and clients in full confidentiality.

Here at Hi-Level Design we offer a full service including design, fit out and refurbishment of office spaces and other work spaces. We use high specification materials and incorporate unique design features as standard. To find out more please click here or to discuss the particular needs of your business please call us on 01730 239 633.

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