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How Technology Can Enhance Office Efficiency

We have talked about the influence poor office design can have on workers attitudes and morale previously, we know its often the smaller things that can make a big difference to employee satisfaction, such as outdated and slow technology.

Modern technology is extremely important for many reasons when running a business. Technology allows employees to interact with customers easily and effectively whether it’s through email, website or video platforms such as Skype. It’s no secret that better communication levels with customers will boost a company’s reputation and sales but also simplify the way employees interact with each other. But how does modern technology impact employees everyday experiences in the workplace? In this post we discuss several details on how technology can enhance and impact office life:

Efficiency and Time 

One of the biggest advantages of technology is it saves time, therefore improving the efficiency of employee’s workloads. New software can simplify tasks, allowing workers to focus on more important jobs which may result in more sales for a business. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems for example can help manage the entire sales process, allowing workers to easily record and track data. Additionally, tablets or iPads are convenient and portable tools that the salesperson can use to travel and attend meetings with. As much research suggests British workers are significantly more productive than they were several years ago due to IT developments, resulting in workers having more time to interact with clients and colleagues and ultimately driving business growth and development.

Improving Workplace Relationships

There’s no doubt that technology enhances communication. Online communication can help employees network more easily and also help build professional relationships. It’s easier now than it ever has been to keep in touch with colleagues and maintain working relationships.

Better Working Conditions 

So how does all of this relate to office design? Well, it’s important when designing an office to incorporate space for modern technology and to consider the possibility of change. With technology constantly evolving office design needs to be adaptable as technology can easily become outdated very quickly. The role of the office has changed – it’s a place for creativity, interaction, building relationships and so much more. At Hi-Level we ensure we always understand our clients objectives and goals for their office design such as who will be using the space, how clients will perceive the office when visiting and which technologies should be incorporated into the design.



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