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The Importance Of Office Lighting

An important factor in office design but often overlooked is lighting. At Hi-Level Design we design and install lighting schemes bespoke to your office, with the aim to reduce energy bills, lower carbon footprint and increase staff productivity and well-being.

Artificial lighting can have several negative effects on employees and their well-being. Firstly, badly lit lighting may lead to eye straining from not being able to see properly. Additionally, dim lighting may result in drowsiness and can have an effect on employee’s motivation levels. In contrast lighting that is too harsh has been said to cause migraines and can also make it difficult to focus. With artificial lighting the balance is crucial, there should be enough light to clearly read but not bright enough to cause a glare. In most cases, natural light is always better, many studies have concluded that natural light results in happier workers, fewer illnesses and better staff morale. For example, this article finds that workers with windows received 175% more light exposure, giving them a better quality of sleep and in turn higher productivity at work, whilst workers without windows scored lower on sleep quality and daytime dysfunction.

Natural light can be maximised by having an open plan office layout with desks positioned near windows, blinds can also be used to adjust the natural light when necessary. Precautions can be taken to prevent glare such as adjustable overhead lighting, matte finishes on walls and furniture and positioning the computer screen away from direct light.

Its not hard to see the importance of lighting within the office environment, light is a key component of vision and crucial for a healthy working environment. Choosing to have correct lighting installed will not only save energy but increase workers productivity and happiness!



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