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Is Bad Office Design Affecting Your Employees?

Most employers want to maintain a productive and efficient workforce whilst ensuring their employees are comfortable and relaxed in their working environment. However, research shows that poor office design can cost British businesses thousands of pounds a year by reducing productivity and increasing staff turnover. So what are the common factors associated with office design that can negatively impact workers in this way and how can they be fixed?


Old and uncomfortable furniture may leave your employees with bad aches and pains throughout the day. Investing in some quality office chairs will help ease employee stress and make them more comfortable throughout the day.


We’ve spoken about the importance of office lighting previously here, poor lighting can be extremely damaging to employee’s eyes, ultimately decreasing their concentration and productivity. If it is possible to bring more natural light into the office it has been proven that this type of light source can influence workers to be happier.


Bland office colour schemes are uninspiring and boring. Psychologically colour affects how workers perform every day, as well as how customers perceive the business. Choosing the right colour scheme that fits within the company brand is an important factor in office design. For example, it has been said that blue helps with focus and endurance but can also help staff to stay calm. On the other hand, red has been proven to boost energy levels and encourage healthy discussion.


Even in a small office, with careful planning and design, space can be maximised rather than cramped and restricted. Colours, materials and furniture can all help open up a small space, additionally glass partitioning creates an illusion of a bigger area.



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