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Creating An Impression: 3 Things Visitors Notice First About Your Office Design

Everybody knows how important first impressions are, you may have heard that it only takes seven seconds for someone to form a first impression of you!

The same logic can be applied when forming opinions of new places you visit, including the office. The way in which your office is designed and decorated sends a strong message about what kind of company you are operating and the type of people who work for you. Therefore, it’s important to invest in your office interior in order to help create a positive first impression on potential clients. In this post, we are discussing three key elements new visitors notice first upon entering an office for the first time.

Company Branding 

Branding allows you to stand out against competition but it can also helps create a lasting impression on customers from the moment they walk into your office.

Any branding within the office should reflect the company’s corporate culture. For example an informal company may use a laid-back office design with modern touches such as bean bags and games, elements that would look out of place in a formal business environment. For more information on company branding have a read of this article.

Tidiness and Cleanliness

Although it may be obvious, it is important to keep things looking tidy when clients arrive at your office. Cluttered desks can be distracting and look unprofessional, a large pile of paperwork can give the impression that you are unorganised or overworked. In contrast clean and organised offices show customers that you are professional and competent!


Nobody wants old-fashioned technology, not only does it not function properly leading to wasted time but it sends a out a message to visitors that your office is outdated.

Customers will be impressed with modern technology leading to them to believe that you are an innovative and forward-thinking company.



At Hi-Level Design we want to help you give the best possible impression to your clients and visitors, our experts talk you through the most important elements of office design from the factors we mention above as well as layout, lighting and furniture. Why not get in touch with our sales team today for a friendly chat about your office needs? Contact us today on 01730239633 or email 

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