The Benefits of Glass Partitioning

In this post we discuss some of the main advantages of installing glass partitioning within the office environment. Glass partitions can be sleek, stylish and create a brighter and more open office space.

One of the main advantages of glass partitioning is the amount of natural light they disperse, creating the illusion of a bigger, brighter and more airy space. Lighting levels can have a huge impact on an office environment and its workers, have a read of our post of The Importance of Office Lighting here. Natural light has been proven to increase concentration and happiness levels! Not only will employees be happier in a well-lit environment but business owners can reduce their costs on artificial lighting as well.

Another benefit of glass partitioning is noise reduction. Partitioning effectively blocks noise from filtering around the office, and this is made more effective through double glazed glass.

Lastly you can’t forget the importance of privacy, which within a busy office environment is crucial. Our glass partitions come in a variety of bespoke finishes that add an element of privacy such as frosted and coloured glass that is perfect for meetings rooms and individual offices.

Overall glass partitioning provides a practical solution without compromising on style. Our partitioning can be customised as part of a complete office fit out, considering individual corporate branding, durability, functionality and light levels.

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