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A Round-Up Of Our Favourite News Posts This Year

In this blog post we recap and highlight some of our favourite and most useful news posts that we have published throughout this past year…

3 Reasons Your Office Should Switch to LED Lighting 

We know the importance of renewable energy and we frequently incorporate LED lighting into our office designs, helping our clients reduce energy bills and lower their carbon footprints. This post discusses some of the main benefits that switching to LED lighting can have for a company.


Boosting Staff Morale With An Office Refurbishment 

In this post we cover how a fresh office refurbishment can brighten up your current space and make employees happier! We also cover the usefulness of partitioning in the office environment and how it can help give staff more privacy for lunch breaks amongst other benefits.



Maximise Office Space With A Mezzanine Floor 

If you are looking to expand your offices but don’t want the costly expense of moving, a mezzanine floor may be a great solution for you. This post covers the benefits of our mezzanine flooring within the office environment.



How Technology Can Enhance Office Efficiency

Have a read of this post for insight into how technology can enhance and impact office life, including saving time, building relationships with co-workers and improving working conditions.



We hope you enjoy having a read through some of our favourites from the past year!

For more information on how we can help you build and refurbish your office please contact us today on 01730 239633 or email us directly at sales@hi-leveldesign.co.uk 

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