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Eco-Friendly Office Design Ideas

Establishing ethical business practices is vital in today’s competitive climate. As consumers grow more aware of their environmental impact, an easy way organisation’s can make improvements to their carbon footprint is within their office design. The following five suggestions can be used across a variety of industries, enabling them to make the move to a more Eco-Conscious working environment.

1. LED Lighting

Lighting can have a substantial effect on the environment and an organisation’s energy bills. LED lighting is the most practical choice for commercial environments. This type of lighting is energy efficient using around 50% less electricity than traditional lighting. It’s extended life time and durability means the bulbs rarely have to be changed; saving time and labour. Companies may also want to consider a smart lighting scheme, featuring timers and sensors that ensures no lights are left on unnecessarily.

Additionally, it goes without saying that natural lighting is free and can play an important role in staff well-being and happiness. Where possible offices should be designed to allow for as much natural light as possible. Have read of our post on lighting here.

2. Open Plan Design

Open plan office designs are not only modern and visually pleasing, but they allow employees to work together without using the same quantity of energy on lighting and heating that they would otherwise use in individual offices.

3. Energy Efficient Technology

Although initially the cost of investing in new technology can be expensive, the benefits of using faster running machines outweighs the initial cost. Newer technology is easier and faster for workers to use allowing them to conduct their jobs more efficiently. Moreover, outdated technology is more likely to be temperamental and therefore can lead to wasted time from fixing technical issues.

4. Waste Management

Waste management may not be the number one priority for a company, but it should not be overlooked when designing new offices. Having a recycling area/bin is crucial for companies looking to decrease their carbon footprint and save money. Other actions to take could be to use recycled paper, print doubled-sided and use more sustainable cleaning products.

5. Go Green

Decorating office space with plants and greenery is proven to reduce workers stress and improve the air quality! This in turn can a have positive impact on the overall health of employees, reducing stress and sick days.

There are so many ways to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into a new office plan. It’s surprising how a small change can make a big impact on annual energy consumption! At Hi-Level Design we believe making an effort to be more green increases awareness of important environmental issues in the workplace, contributes to making your business stand out from competitors and finally saves you money!


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