How Technology Can Enhance Office Efficiency

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We have talked about the influence poor office design can have on workers attitudes and morale previously, we know its often the smaller things that can make a big difference to employee satisfaction, such as outdated and slow technology. Modern technology is extremely important for many reasons when running a business. Technology allows employees to interact […]

Maximise Office Space With A Mezzanine Floor

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Mezzanine floors are known for being practical and cost-effective for all businesses across various industries, whether they are used for retail, distribution or automation they allow a business to expand without the costly process of relocating. Within an office environment, a mezzanine floor can provide additional space in the form of new work spaces, staff […]

3 Simple Reasons To Start Your Office Refurbishment Today!

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In this post we will briefly discuss some of the main reasons for an office refurbishment and the impact these can have on employees and customers. 1. Increase Productivity We have spoken previously about the importance of the office environment on employee productivity in last months post. Its obvious that modern and practical furnishings will […]

Providing The Ideal Design Solution

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At Hi-Level Design we offer a full installation service for office and industrial interiors. We create future proof and productive work spaces many of which include our mezzanine floors. Our other features include stylish designs of glass partitioning, modern LED lighting and customisable office furniture! Our process involves an in-depth assessment to ensure all of your needs […]

Why Every Business Should Have Company Branding In The Workplace

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It’s no wonder that companies have such huge budgets for branding.  Establishing your identity as a business whether it be as an aura of reliability, affordability, luxury or innovation, can go a long way to positioning your company ahead of the competitors. While traditionally company branding has been very much an external form of advertising […]