Office Furniture

Office Furniture

We provide a comprehensive range of quality workspace solutions and work closely with our clients so that each project is tailored to individual requirements, creating the most practical and stylish work areas.


Our CAD design service will optimise use of available space taking future expansion plans and technology changes into consideration.

Be-spoke Reception desks are designed to create the right first impression for any guests visiting your offices and will suit the space available with integral lighting and glass components available as required.

Our experts are able to advise on the most suitable type of workspace depending on the task being performed and combine them into a range that will provide the right image for your workplace.

Furniture for boardrooms is also available including made to measure veneer tables with options for inserting company logos to enhance that corporate feel.


We offer a comprehensive range of office seating such as Conference, Managerial, Soft, Visitor and Task to enhance any style of furniture that has been chosen.  Task seating is in continual use for many hours at a time and it’s vital that pelvic and spinal support characteristics are considered when specifying.